What We Do

At Gina Din, we consider ourselves to be much more than a P.R. firm - instead we see ourselves as a collection of talented and hard-working individuals. We work together as a team towards the clear objective of "Shaping African Conversations" on behalf of our clients. To this end, we have structured ourselves in such a way as to offer our clients a number of defined and focused service offerings.

Communication strategy development and planning

Working with our clients to develop robust strategies for communicating to their target audience that are relevant, resonant and results-focused. Turning these strategies into detailed, achievable and on-budget plans to ensure excellence of execution.

Government relations

Communicating to and with key governmental actors and bodies in the region is key to the business success of many of our clients. From guiding and influencing policy decisions to lobbying on behalf of various industry groups to organizing in-depth one on one discussions with key regional decision makers, Gina Din has an unparalleled ability to shape conversations at an African governmental level in favor of our clients.

Crisis communications

Managing the content and flow of information during a crisis is absolutely crucial for all the stakeholders involved. We have developed our skill-set in this specialized field over a number of major crisis-events, including the tragic Kenya Airways plane crash in Douala, as well as through our participation in several major Red Cross initiatives such as Kenyans for Kenya and Chagua Peace.

Media relations

Leveraging our strong relationships with key media actors in the region and beyond, to help shape public conversations in the direction of our clients' best interests.

CSR management

We help our clients to design CSR programs that are relevant both to the society in which they operate and the businesses that run. By bringing these two parameters into alignment we find that we can help build CSR programs that fit logically and seamlessly into our clients brands' universes.

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